Deutsche Bahn

The largest railway operator & infrastructure owner in Europe.

DB wanted to ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction through a better, more targeted & consistent consumer experience.  However, they had no methodology for measuring the success of their ongoing customer initiatives & service concepts.


Assess the current situation & implement a methodology to ensure consistent measurement of initiatives to understand successes & identify scope for ongoing improvement.

Our Approach

We collected all available data on current service concepts & mapped out the current situation.  

We defined the desired future state, whereby all initiatives & service concepts are measured against a consistent set of performance indicators to ensure conclusions that would determine clear actions.

We then developed a framework to include all necessary information to measure this set of performance indicators.

We defined clear roles and responsibilities for the ongoing management of this process.

  • Clearly structured performance indicators for service concepts.
  • Clear process & communication protocol for performance discussions.
  • Comprehensive overview of KPIs & target settings.
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Christian Blümlein

Group CEO
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