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Analysis Customer Journey

For a global leader in audio products.


With multiple QR codes being used at the point of sale, the client wanted to understand opportunities and best practices how to create impact and targeted messaging along the consumer journey with QR Codes.


Being present in Shop in Shops around the globe, the company leverages QR Codes on packaging as well as shelf displays to inform their consumers about product features, usage and overall system benefits.

In their concept, they offer a variety of setups depending on store size that offers different components and touchpoints with the consumer.

The client was lacking insights on how the QR codes perform, and was not able to adapt to changing behaviours or create tailored messaging to the individual consumer.


After having reviewed detailed documentation about their concept and the current use of QR codes, we prepared and conducted a workshop to showcase market best practices and collect insights on friction and opportunities throughout all steps of the consumer journey. Those were mapped on our Service Blueprint Framework, which allowed to create actionable insights that described per identified theme what we did, what we found and what we recommend.

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We created a detailed report to highlight:

  • Consumer Journey mapped onto the Service Blueprint

  • Actionable insights per identified theme

  • Key findings

  • Examples of messaging hierarchy

  • A consolidated program to tackle all identified themes in a targeted manner.


The consolidated program was outlining all required steps to leverage the key opportunities and resolve major pain points in a time frame of 9 months.

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