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Sustainability Performance Standards

For a global luxury shopping destination operator. 



Our client is a creator of Flagship Retail experiences serving consumers of luxury goods in various interntional locations.

The shopping destinations are spacious, open-air pedestrianised streets with a curated selection of the world’s leading brands welcoming million guests yearly.

Each shopping mall offers brands exceptional growth, the development of new markets and an introduction to new customers. The operator delivers consistently improving performance, striving to build and maintain long term partnerships with the brands it serves.

The objective is to establish robust environmental, social, governance (ESG) standards that will be integrated into the partner Brands’ retail fit-out and operating process across all malls. Tools and processes are to be developed and software tools to be recommended and implemented to enable the tracking, monitoring and recording of the sustainability performance of the Brands´ retail fit outs and store operations.

By gaining visibility in the ESG performance of the Brand´s Boutiques, enable the identification of potential areas of improvement and support the Brands in their implementation through the sharing of ESG best practices.

Climate protection is a global effort and our client is committed to improve the ESG performance of its destination assets. The refurbishment and retail operation of the Boutiques are considered the most important contributors of ESG performance in the locations.

Through a collaborative partnership approach with the Brands, the new minimum standards will represent a mutual agreement on the must-haves in terms of ESG performance for Retail Fit Outs to ensure achievement of the company’s BREEAM and GRESB targets.

Further development of best-in-class initiatives will form the backbone for an evolving Sustainability Global Standard which inherently inspires the brands to stretch their performance further due to the unquestionable long-term ESG value these standards represent.

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The role of Digital Innovation is to develop these new standards from the brand/tenant perspective who are responsible for their implementation, as well as our clients Retail Development Team perspective who are accountable for monitoring and reporting Brand´s compliance. We manage & supervise the different brand-facing initiatives and enable and bridge missing capacities and capabilities.

Furthermore, we are auditing, recommending, and implementing a new Digital Platform that functions as an ESG Operational Performance Dashboard as well as a Retail Fit Out Performance Management Tool & Database for the Retail Development Teams and to monitor and report on the sustainability performance of the Brands Retail Fits Outs and store operations.


Based on the BREEAM and GRESB international sustainability measurement standards we are consulting, curating, and leading a process to create and evolve a Sustainability Handbook making the corporate sustainability goals tangible for internal as well as for Brand partners. Each destination’s derivations take national and regional legal and ESG requirements and constraints into account.

Monitoring compliance of the Brands with respect to Retail Fit Outs and Retail Operations standards, requires both ESG data- and certification submission. We consult on best practice tools for these monitoring requirements helping to optimize processes and improve resource efficiency. We ensure that all tools are optimally compatible within the client’s IT landscape and support the unique model of the business.

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