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Geometric Architecture

Composable Enterprise /Applications

Through our expertise, we can not only help your organization transition to a MACH architecture, but also help you take full advantage of a Composable Enterprise and ensure increased agility, improved customer experiences and a future-proof IT infrastructure.

How do we support organizations on their way to a composable enterprise?

As an experienced digital consultancy, we can support your company on its way to a "Composable Enterprise" based on the MACH architecture with a range of specialized consulting services.

Strategy development
for MACH architecture

We advise you on the development of a comprehensive strategy that shows how the MACH architecture can support the company's business objectives. This includes assessing the current IT landscape and developing a step-by-step transformation plan.

migration and management

We advise and support the migration of existing systems and data to the cloud, including cloud infrastructure optimization and cost management strategies.

Performance analysis
and optimization

We carry out analyses to assess the performance of the new architecture and make recommendations for optimizations to improve efficiency, scalability and reliability.

Long-term support
and maintenance

We offer you customized support and maintenance services to ensure the sustainable performance and evolution of your MACH architecture

selection and evaluation

We support the selection of suitable technologies and platforms that comply with the principles of microservices, API-first, cloud-native and headless. This also includes the evaluation of existing systems and recommendations for possible upgrades or replacements.

Data protection
and security

We advise on data privacy and security best practices within the MACH architecture, including regulatory compliance and implementation of secure API strategies.

Continuous Integration /Continuous Deployment 

We work with you to set up CI/CD pipelines to enable fast and efficient development and deployment of microservices and other components.


Our experts will actively support you in the implementation of the MACH architecture, including the integration of microservices, the development of APIs, the selection of suitable cloud platforms and the implementation of headless applications.

Organizational and 
cultural change

We help drive cultural change towards greater agility and flexibility, which is critical to the effective use of a MACH architecture. This includes training, workshops and change management initiatives.

User experience and
front-end strategy

We provide you with comprehensive advice on designing a seamless user experience, particularly with regard to headless approaches where the front-end is flexibly separated from the back-end services.

Successful projects in the area of enterprise and composable architecture

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