Digital Workplace


For your team, the physical spaces in which they work must be healthy, comfortable, enjoyable & create a positive & productive environment. 2020 has clearly shown us the importance of digital connectivity between workplaces in enabling teams to remain productive whilst working remotely.

Enhancing today's workplace with digital office experiences & optimized remote connectivity can serve your employees in a way that is not only productive for work, but also brings your corporate culture to life. We take a holistic and employee-centric approach to digitizing your physical workspaces to optimize productivity & enhance the employee experience. 

From concept to completion we offer an end-to-end service that guides you through the entire process of bringing modern & connected workplaces to life.

Our services include:

Employee 'Office Day' Review

Map out the daily tasks & needs of your teams during a business day, identify relevant opportunities for digital support.

Office Assessment

Assess current office practicalities, evaluate options to leverage existing facilities or necessity for change.

Procurement, Vendor & Contract Management

Manage tenders & negotiate frame contracts enabling performance, quality & scale at affordable prices.

Project & Budget Management

Comprehensive project management ensuring that milestones & budgets are met.

Trend & Technology Scouting

Detailed report on the very latest innovations.

Communication & Signage

Identify opportunities for efficient communication within large office spaces from directional signage, information sharing screens, connections between remote locations, virtual meetings & presentations, etc.

Staff Training

Operational & maintenance procedures.

Ideation & Planning

Identify the most relevant & meaningful enhancements for your employees to help drive productivity.

Quality Management

Manage stakeholders to ensure everything is delivered to plan. Any deviation is immediately investigated & communicated with possible solutions.

Content Management

Framework & templates for briefs to digital content providers.


An enhanced workplace experience that employees will recommend.

Increased productivity.

Reduction in travel costs.

Engaged employees.

If you would like to know more about our Digital Workplace services please contact:


Valentin Ehrhardt


Katja Behrschmidt

Senior Business Consultant