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We were asked by On Running – one of the fastest growing global sports brands – to support the development and implementation of a state-of-the-art workplace experience in their headquarter offices. 


OnLabs is On’s new global headquarters in the heart of Zurich West. The premises set new benchmarks for future working environments. On has taken the conscious decision to remain true to its Swiss roots, and its new innovation campus offers space for 1 000 employees. On Labs will be the company’s heart and soul, not only for product design and development but also for innovation on all further fronts. The new work ecosystem features state-of-the-art technologies and ultra-modern design that are specifically intended to promote creativity and support social interactions, with employees’ contentment and well-being placed firmly centerstage. Parts of the new premises are also devoted to the first On Flagship Store in Europe and to ‘roots Kitchen’, the continent’s first vegan corporate restaurant.

Nobody’s going to come back to the office for their own desk alone,” explains On co-founder David Allemann.
At our new On Labs the focus is clearly on the social interactions within our diverse team. Because by living our shared culture together, we’ll keep ourselves creative and innovative, too.


We started our cooperation with a discovery phase to define the desired to-be state. We conducted interviews & observation sessions with stakeholders including senior management of On. 

We gathered, analyzed and documented the requirements of different room types and areas within the On headquarters to fully understand what’s needed to provide the optimum environment for On’s employees.

Based on the outcomes, an onsite rapid prototyping session and internal feedback combined with state-of-the-art technology and current trends, we have developed an innovative workplace concept, which provides a seamless and holistic employee experience for the new corporate headquarter offices. 

Afterwards we supported the tendering process and selection of suitable vendors. This process involved the search, evaluation and selection of tender participants as well as the execution of the tender in different phases with a detailed analysis of costs, scope of services and company data of tender participants. We recommended a selection and laid the foundation for negotiation.

We have evaluated current technologies and recommended the needed systems and digital solutions to lift the headquarter employee experience to the next level – everything to be integrated into the overall user experience. Every detail was documented and handed over to On for replication & scale across the global offices.

Picture of a lounge in a workplace environment


  • Seamless and holistic employee experiences including plug and play solutions.

  • Employee enablement for effective collaboration and internal work processes with video and audio solutions in a complete workplace ecosystem. 

  • Strong brand presentation and connection in every single detail of the newly designed workplace.

  • Intuitive booking solution to enable efficient use of space

  • State-of-the-art technology for different touchpoints employees have with the brand.

  • Up to 25% cost savings on digital procurement costs

    For more details, check out the official On Running Press Release.

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