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Our task was to conduct a comprehensive workplace audit, examining the state of the technical equipment, identifying software issues, and proposing solutions for more straightforward, more reliable handling of the equipment.


On Running, a leading Swiss performance running shoes and sportswear brand, faced challenges with the technical equipment in their meeting and conference rooms at their Zurich headquarters. Issues with software and the complexity of handling the equipment, particularly in one of their largest rooms frequently used by the management board, were causing operational inefficiencies.


We initiated the project with an on-site visit to On Running's headquarters in Zurich, where we conducted a thorough examination of the technical equipment across various meeting and conference rooms.


We paid particular attention to the most complex room, used frequently by the management board.

Our team meticulously documented all identified software and handling issues, tracing their impact on the users and the meeting efficiency. Based on our findings, we developed a set of proposed solutions aimed at reducing functionality to essentials and simplifying equipment handling.

Once our recommendations were implemented, we verified the solutions' effectiveness and ensured that they addressed the identified challenges.


Through our rigorous and systematic approach, we helped On Running enhance their meeting and conference experience, leading to improved productivity.

Picture showing a modern modular meeting room with a meeting table and a screen on the wall


Post-audit, we were able to identify the root causes of the technical issues being experienced. We proposed solutions to streamline functionality and simplify the handling of equipment, particularly for the room often used by the management board.

Our recommendations resulted in a noticeable improvement in the rooms' usability, with the setup now working more reliably. This has led to smoother, more efficient meetings and conferences, saving valuable time for the management board and other users, and enhancing overall workplace productivity.

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