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Geometric Architecture


FinOps enables organizations to maximize business value by enabling technology, finance and business teams to collaborate on data-driven spending decisions.

DevOps & Cloud

DevOps & cloud have disrupted traditional procurement

DevOps enables organizations to accelerate the delivery of technology to meet customer demand using the cloud. This shift has handed purchasing power to developers, significantly weakening traditional procurement processes. DevOps and cloud have removed existing and meaningful constraints, and immediately, necessitating the implementation of a new operating model. This new model empowers collaborative decision making and gives companies the opportunity to continue to maximize the value of their IT investments. This is why FinOps was developed. 

DevOps & Cloud make it possible to allocate all costs to the owners

The cost of goods sold for our IT-enabled products and the cost per user for support systems have always been based on data centers and infrastructure whose costs cannot be changed. Product owners now have the ability to use IT services in the exact mix and at the exact time they are needed. Product owners can consider all costs, pricing, support and the agile development process when creating the solution. The cloud makes it possible to develop applications on architectures that scale according to demand, thus better aligning IT supply and demand than is possible in traditional data centers.

At the same time, this improves the ability to deploy and scale small systems incrementally.

DevOps & Cloud offer unprecedented opportunities

Procurement and Finance now have the ability to monitor spend in real time, granularity and attribution. Technology leaders who previously had to deal with product demand, changes in technology trends and data center infrastructure sizing and capacity planning challenges can now evolve incrementally. Limiting DevOps engineers to the limited building blocks provided by data center infrastructure teams can now consider a wide - and ever-growing - range of technologies to find solutions. They have the right to buy and use only what they need at any given time, eliminating the traditional model's constant provisioning of excess capacity.

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