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Business Development

For a strong player in the 3D end-toend product development area.


While only being present on the Chinese market, the client sought support to identify opportunities and bring new offerings outside of the Chinese market with a clear approach on business development, product roadmap and content strategy.


As a strong player in the 3D product development area in China, the company was looking for support introducing and establishing their presence in western markets.


Through cooperation with the senior leadership and business development, we have analyzed the current situation and identified future opportunities.

We created a discovery report incl. several strategic elements and drafted a concept for brand positioning, customer segmentation, competition analysis and requirements to ramp-up presence in western markets. Furthermore, our team is supporting an ongoing basis with business development in western markets and built a framework for proper handling of product development based on market needs​.


  • Clear Go-To-Market strategy to ramp-up business in western markets

  • Detailed understanding of western markets and potential customers

  • Support throughout the full sales cycle from first contact to closed deal

  • Establish and run a customer-centric and sustainable global brand product roadmap

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