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Image by Krzysztof Kowalik

PLM Implementation

For a european luxury ski wear brand.


The product development team was working against each other which meant a high risk for a successful development of the collection in time. There was a need of aligning timing, process and responsibilities. Further the process needed to be supported by a PLM system to secure all relevant data and a single source of truth.


Initially no PLM solution was used and there was a big need of the implementation to support the product development process. After a restructruring measure the product development team was lost in their processes and the responsibilities were not clear. A PLM solution was picked and the implementation project was ready to start.


  • Global Analysis of the necessary functions in the PLM

  • Process Workshops to define the To Be Process incl. responsibilities

  • Setup of the system with the help of a small expert team 1 expert in product development, 1 expert in procurement, 1 IT expert)

  • Check of the setup with the help of a key user team and finalizing the PLM system

  • Implementation of the PLM system with a clear key user structure and support of the experts

A picture of a skier in action on a slope


  • Documentation of the product development process

  • Clear definition of responsibilities per role in the product development process

  • PLM system that reflects the process

  • Change from working against each other to working as a team on the product

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