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Service Management

For a large classic European energy supplier.

The customer with headquarters in Germany is one of the large classic European energy suppliers and is active in both the B2C and B2B sectors. Their business current focus is on renewable energies, electricity grids, telecommunications networks, e-mobility and smart, sustainable energy solutions.


Examine and establish a solution which will improve costs and availability of specialized professionals in the field of software development.


Since resources for development and IT management in the DACH region are expensive and sometimes poorly available, an initiative was launched to evaluate opportunities in the nearshoring and offshoring environment and to support the transfer of services abroad.


Tasks include standardization of processes and templates to create SOW, RFI and RFP documents and transition guidelines with vendors. Review of existing processes as potential for simplification.



The consultant has generated templates together with Purchasing. These include:

  • Service description, SOW

  • Specifications

  • Scoringcards

  • Transition guides

  • ITSM guide

  • KPI and metrics

In addition, the consultant is the contact person for the creation of SOW by the IT department, supports in the tender process and in the transition of new providers. Other deliverables include SharePoint communication pages and apps to simplify data transfer for reporting.

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