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A picture of a solar plantation

Start-Up Development

For a start-up in the field of photovoltaics.

The customer offers photovoltaic systems, from consulting, planning, installation, financing, insurance, maintenance, and subsidy applications to a 24h hotline. The focus is on private homes, but also company buildings, and solar parks.


After the start-up in the field of photovoltaics had been founded for some time, the company realized that a new independent consultancy would help shorten the time to market. So they contacted us to act as project managers and advisors in various areas to help them set up a new company.


With a small team of 6 people, a large number of 25 individual projects were launched. Lack of experience in some areas and the sheer workload have made the team operationally blind and disjointed.


We mitigated the situation by creating a well-structured program plan with responsibilities and timelines and acting as mentors, coaches, and subject matter experts in different areas.


  • Workshop. Gap Analysis

  • IT-Health check
    CRM and troubleshooting, preparation for ERP implementation.

  • Sales
    Development of training material for sales representatives, reporting tools,

  • Marketing
    Health check homepage, creation of the omnichannel calendar.

  • Purchasing
    Creation of a tendering basis incl. evaluation tools.

  • Personnel
    Creation of requirement profiles, skills matrix & personnel needs analysis and a training concept

  • Creation of a business plan and Dashboard with KPIs

  • Baseline for Contracts
    Providing content for various contracts e.g., cooperation contract, maintenance contract etc. as a baseline for the companies’ lawyer to take over

  • Project plan with tasks, responsibilities, timelines, and milestones

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