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As a trusted partner in digital transformation for global brands as medium-sized businesses, our team was entrusted with the exciting challenge of implementing a cutting-edge digital ecosystem and revolutionizing the operational design of STENGER BIKES. Our goal was to deliver a state-of-the-art digital experience, highlighted by an advanced webshop and complemented by an efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that operates seamlessly behind the scenes.


Zweirad Stenger GmbH boasts a rich history that dates back to 1927 when it was founded in Hösbach. This long-standing company combines decades of expertise with a forward-thinking vision, providing customers with an extensive range of premium bicycles and e-bikes that cater to various needs. They have a strong commitment to customer service and quality, offering personalized advice and a wide array of products that ensure customers find the perfect fit for their cycling adventures. In order to bring their customers' experience to the next level, they were looking for a trusted partner to lead and accelerate their transition into the digital age, while optimizing processes, systems and front-ends.


From the initial concept to the final execution, we adopted a holistic strategy. We started with thorough strategic planning, crafting a value proposition finely tuned to the unique needs of STENGER BIKE and their customers. An in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape granted us insights into industry best practices, which we then customized for STENGER's advantage.

Our customer-centric focus was embodied in a thoughtful Customer Experience/User Experience (CX/UX) strategy. Our focus here was on design principles that are not only aesthetically pleasing but make your customer's interaction with the brand intuitive and enjoyable and can be mapped to all areas of the business.

Technology is the backbone of the digital revolution, and selecting the right providers and technologies was critical for us. We placed a premium on choosing tools that are scalable, secure, and user-friendly. Therefore, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of ERP tools, providing a holistic decision matrix including more the dozens of ERP providers. By continuously monitoring the implementation phase, we ensured that all systems were integrated smoothly and operated in concert.

A vital aspect was stakeholder management. We ensured a transparent communication flow and close collaboration with all parties involved to establish the new omnichannel experience and the ERP system successfully.



The result of a great partnership with STENGER BIKE is an entirely new online experience that corresponds with the latest in technological advancements. Integrating digital tools, CRM, and the eCommerce platform, we have crafted a comprehensive customer experience that seamlessly bridges the online and offline worlds.

The analysis and subsequent implementation of new digital tools and processes have not only led to improved operations but have significantly increased the company's efficiency. STENGER customers now enjoy a user-friendly and future-proof platform, enabling them to connect with the business at every level and at any time.

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