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IT & Process Assessment 

Evaluation of system landscape, infrastructure & related processes for a global player in the sports industry.


In order to achieve the target, own operations is planned to become carbon neutral. One of the success factors for the strategy execution is to set the foundation by ensuring a proper data collection and evaluation infrastructure, aiming to be audit ready any time and being able to include the own retail footprint into external reporting. Our part of the mission started with being asked to assess an obviously fragmented system landscape and infrastructure to develop a concept draft as baseline for a reliable and future proof approach.


Our client, a leading brand of the sports industry, understands the importance of climate change and its responsibility to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In this context they committed to reduce GHG emission of 30% by 2030.


With our expertise in data & infrastructure management we performed an assessment to get a full view of the current situation and identify challenges within the setup on global and local level.

Based on the pain points discovered through a gap analysis, we drafted a concept for the future evolvement of the setup. Resulting in a global IT project, we consulted the client upfront to create the foundation for a successful IT project in 2022.

Working together with the team of experts within the client we implemented a framework to ensure an efficient, in time and quality delivery of own retail energy data through a clear methodology for data collection, verification and processing.

We consulted the client in preparation of an external audit and coordinated the global data submission and quality assurance.

A picture of a footprint of a shoe with a boost sole


  • Implementation of a framework to perform an efficient & qualitative global collection & verification of 2021 own retail energy data

  • Successful audit preparation followed by the approval release for publication of own retail footprint in the annual report 2021

  • Elaboration of business requirements as baseline to further drive a smart & sustainable digitally supported process

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