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Analyzing the physical storage and distribution of goods in their production facilities and optimizing internal flow of goods.


Despite Faber-Castell AG and Faber Castell Cosmetics (FCC) operating as two separate economic entities there is overlap in the physical space the companies take up. The continuous growth of FCC paired with the historic building they are in, posed challenges in accommodating the growth in the available space. Additionally, the company was faced with unclarity about the software used for the warehousing processes and whether it was sufficient to cover all requirements.


Drawing from our experience from previous warehouse and production analyses we entered the project as objective consultants noting all recognizable areas of potential improvement while questioning the status quo.


The potential improvements were identified through on-site visits as well as through interviews with warehouse and production staff. The information was compiled to determine whether the current software would suffice.   



The outcome of the project was a detailed process flow chart. This flow chart was a clear visualization between the current processes and our recommended processes, including where we see the largest risks and potentials. A documentation of the steps we conducted to reach our conclusions and recommendations was included. These conclusions were compiled in a set of quick-wins – areas or topics where significant improvements could be achieved with little required resources, whether that be employees’ time or capital. 

Furthermore, business cases for mid- and long-term improvements were presented, covering different aspects of the overall company’s vision and mission.

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