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Our role in this ambitious project was to oversee overall project management. This involved the integration of multiple workstreams to ensure the creation of an enriched retail experience, aligning with C&A's vision and customers' evolving needs and styles.


C&A, a renowned international fashion retail chain, embarked on a mission to redefine their store in the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, located in Leidschendam. The redesigned store, occupying 2,350 m2 and spanning three floors, was envisioned as a "Learning Lab," where customer preferences and retail trends could be thoroughly explored and understood. The challenge was to create an immersive shopping experience combining visual, tactile, olfactory, and acoustic elements that connect with customers on a profound level.


We navigated the project over a period of just half a year, demonstrating our adaptability and efficiency in managing complex projects within tight deadlines.


Our role involved the orchestration of various workstreams, ensuring all aspects of the project were interconnected and aligned with the project's ultimate goal.

Our methodology encompassed effective communication with stakeholders, coordination of teams, and oversight of the project execution. We also facilitated continuous feedback staff to keep improving the store experience.

A picture of a shopping window of a C&A store


The culmination of the project resulted in a reimagined C&A store that successfully delivered an immersive multi-sensory shopping experience. By incorporating visual, tactile, olfactory, and acoustic cues into the store layout, we helped create an environment that deeply resonates with customers.

The "Learning Lab" concept was effectively implemented, providing an evolving platform to understand and cater to customer needs and aspirations. Moreover, the feedback loop involving customers and staff ensures the store's continuous adaptability and improvement.​

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