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A modern interface and a reduction of overall throughput time for card requests would not only be of benefit to AirPlus but also their corporate clients, bringing the request process in line with other self-service capabilities that had already been rolled out.


In the absence of a digital portal to interact with client representatives and card applicants, there is a heavy administrative burden on AirPlus personnel. Forms, emails and attachments intervened on the team’s core duties of due diligence and successful provisioning of credit cards.


It became clear that the further involvement of client representatives, applicants, government identity providers and substantial process automation would be able to take away most of the manual data introduction and validation needs.

This would provide the team with card requests that are authorized, complete, compliant and ready to process with all attachments in place that still need manual review.

A process engine and business rules logic further ensures the due diligence and scoring process steps with any required escalation path. Screening is applied on-the-fly in collaboration with AirPlus’ global information providers allowing for immediate card creation.

Any misalignment with the compliance, scoring or screening rules is detected as early as possible and cases are handled accordingly as per corporate policy, enforced by the system.

Our team of analysts observed the process end-to-end and incorporated the need to maintain customer master data, such as agreements and contacts, as a basis to design the card request system and to enable any required KYC activities.

In our efforts to minimize the steps required for the applicant, we incorporate two national identity providers to validate identity claims early on in the process when possible. Form fields and attachments are adapted dynamically to the product requested and applicant details. Upon submitting the application, the applicant is kept up-to-date with any process updates.

The back-office now receives only the applications that are ready to process and can process them immediately, leading to reduced stress on the team and a leap in throughput time.

Combining Microsoft .NET and Angular, we were able to achieve a highly dynamic and secure request process that is future-proof.



We added a new and important capability to the client self-service portfolio of AirPlus International, with a clear impact on the internal bottom line employee satisfaction and throughput times as well. Due diligence activities can be performed faster and information has been validated by authoritative sources automatically to the extent possible.​

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