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Support in aligning product development processes, enable the keyuser team for future support of their teams and prepare the business test cases for the update of their PLM software version.


After implementing a PLM system, ways of working were not aligned and an overarching understanding of the product development processes with clear responsibilities was missing.

Due to an update of the software version, the target is to setup a key user team with clear responsibilities and the set up of process related test cases.


  • Workshop to get to know the PLM system presented through the key user team

  • Workshop to align processes in planning, material and product development

  • Set up of use cases

  • Documentation of As-Is processes

  • Identification of potentials in the product development process and handover

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  • Clear overarching understanding of the product development processes incl. role related responsibilities

  • Identification of potentials to improve the product development process

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