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Create a new store experience that purposefully integrates technology, meets target consumer expectations and considers the budget of a mid-sized company.


In the context of their move into a new store location, a complete rebranding for aktivsport was planned. To approach the rebranding holistically, aktivsport was looking for support to understand current trends in retail and apply them to their business model and target consumers.


As a sparring partner and consultant, we accompanied the project, pointed out opportunities, established contacts from our network and offered practical advice on how to realize state of the art retail.

A picture from the inside of the aktiv sport store showing a runway for trying running shoes


A 500sqm store that is build around the core values of aktivsport:

  • Factory for movement: To sell and customize products that let consumers experience the joy of movement.

  • Best in class consumer service: To listen, understand consumer needs and take time to find the right product.

  • Family and passion: To be authentic, to live and breathe sports.  

The store features:

  • Experience trail to test shoes

  • Force plate and track for running analysis

  • Running analysis video station

  • 3D scanning

  • Tailor made and 3D printed insoles

  • Bootfitting services

  • Hospitality zone

  • Light-design footwear wall

  • Wall projection for highlight products and service communication

  • Wall projection to digitally extend track

  • Celebration of aktivsport history

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