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We were asked to inspire the VANS teams by reviewing and enriching the store concept and consumer journey with innovative ideas and touchpoints.

Help VANS to get objective advice on where to invest and where not to invest into digital technology along the consumer journey.

VANS was planning this community concept store in the center of Milan and was aiming to deliver a store that is uniquely VANS and purposefully build for their local consumers. Knowing that technology plays a key role in retail today, they wanted to understand where technology adds value, and where it´s just another gimmick inside the physical space.

Orefici 11, in Milan is the 36th store of VANS in Italy. The store concept was  inspired by and dedicated to the communities that animate the city. The location offers 300 square meters of retail space across three floors, hosting the iconic collections of the brand, and aims to become a hot spot for all advocates of the brand and for the communities and artists that cultivate Milan.


As a sounding board, advisor and consultant, we reviewed the existing plans, layouts and digital hardware proposals and conducted a site visit in Milan.

Together with the team we went through the store location to analyze walkways, sightlines and opportunity areas. We documented all results in a detailed consumer journey report and presented this back to the project team.

A wall installation of "Off The Wall" in a vans store


Workshopping, Q&A sessions and several video conferences enabled us to create the detailed consumer journey report, outlining an objective advice of must-haves and no-go´s for the store, as well as further ideas of how to elevate the experience inside the community store concept.

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