One of the world's leading sports brands.

adidas is an iconic in the sporting good industry and is one of the most innovative retailers when it comes to how they present their store fleet. 

In their latest concepts, adidas aims at bringing to life their claim – ‘Through sport, we have the power to change lives’ – in experimental retail spaces that excite through design and technology, while keeping sport at their heart.


Having invested heavily into equipping stores with digital screens over the last years at global scale, it needs proper planning and enough resource to keep content up to date. Adidas was seeking support with in-time publishing of new campaigns at global scale and streamlining their communication with markets. 



With more than 1.500 units being able to display digital content across all continents, communication with markets and proper planning of publishing campaigns has become a time-intense task.  


Our role

We´ve offered a service that ensures timely go live of content in any digitally connected retail store across the globe. Our team managed market communication, documented all content changes in a single source of truth and helped identified areas of improvement for the content management platform. Additionally our team has helped to create the respective guidelines that enables markets to take over responsibility for content on locally installed devices. 

  • Up to date content in more than 300 store locations
  • Management of more than 1.500 units
  • Documented process and content updates
  • Guideline for Content Management
If you would like to find out more, please contact:

Frederik Maier

Managing Consultant