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Digital Workplace 2.0

How we can help you to create an innovative, performing, and sustainable workplace.

Office space with high ceilings and several workstations.

Advanced technologies and applications enable employees to work from everywhere at any time without having to be at the corporate office. The “New Work” culture allows employees to be as productive from the place that is most convenient to them as they would be in the office.

Besides all the positive aspects of the „New Work“ culture, companies are carefully analyzing the downsides and are working on work models that take into consideration employee’s demand for more flexibility as well as companies‘ goals and philosophy.

It seems like companies are heading in different directions ranging from asking all employees to come back to the office to giving employees complete freedom to decide where to work from. Regardless of what work model will be implemented, the usage of physical corporate office spaces and the digital infrastructure should be reviewed and adjusted to the „New Work“ culture.

The employee is the consumer of the workplace. A holistic view of the physical and digital work environment needs to be planned around people as users to ensure higher employee satisfaction and increase productivity. This includes every touchpoint the employee has with the company starting from the time before work, at work, and after work. ​Those who put people at the center and allow the physical and digital worlds to merge right from the start can adapt flexibly to changing behaviors and requirements. We enable effective and location-independent collaborative working through our holistic workplace concepts.

Room with a long corridor, a kitchen and seating.

Our experts at Digital Innovation work closely with our clients to create an innovative, performing, and sustainable workplace.

Our focus areas are:

  • WORKPLACE & OFFICES – the place for physical and emotional connection with your company

  • REMOTE WORK & PROCESS AUTOMATION – Digital productivity tools for employees

  • INNOVATION& TECHNOLOGY – it is in our Digital Innovation DNA

  • SUSTAINABILITY- the new normal

Creating a feasible and sustainable work infrastructure is an opportunity for companies to show their commitment to the workforce. We offer new impulses and ideas that can shape a bigger version for your sustainable work environment and culture by thinking beyond where your company is today towards where your working culture an environment could be in the future. This is extremely important to keep experienced employees in the company and attract new talent. Providing a workplace that offers an infrastructure to maximize productivity and employee satisfaction is a competitive edge that will set you up for success.

The time for change is now. Reach out to our experienced experts to start the conversation!


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