Concepts, solutions & outcomes for Retail Excellence focusing  on place, process, people, product and performance.

What We Do

The development of bespoke and creative solutions for empowering companies, brands, businesses and teams to transform, evolve and grow in Retail Excellence. Coming from the business side, we understand client's as well as customer's desires and expectations.

Together with our clients, we are setting new levels of Retail Excellence that will enhance all retail KPIs while maintaining an important balance for Customer Brand Experience and Employee Empowerment and Engagement.

We combine our commercial backgrounds with a customer-centric mindset, data-driven focus and a digital technology foundation underpinning all that we do.

Our customer-first mentality is driven through our six key performance strategic pillars:

Place, Process, People, Product, Price, Performance.

Our team of competent specialists in Retail Design and Sustainability, Digital and Marketing Experiences are also connected to us to enable customized solutions to ensure the delivery of the next-level Retail Excellence.

Challenges We Address

  • Profitable distribution & successful channel growth | Scientific, customer and data-driven ways to grow, consolidate or change your channel distribution strategy. Delivering dashboards showing - right place, right size, right street, right channel, right format and right ROI.

  • High Performance in Customer Journeys | Ensuring the dynamic and successful interaction between Brand, Space, Product, Team and Customer.  Creating theatre and moments in-store to connect omnichannel cross- and up-selling, delivering consistent Retail Services, building Loyalty and Clientelling. Ultimately delivering KPI optimisation and performance enhancement.

  • Holisitic & Interim Omnichannel Roadmaps | Enabling you to remain performance-focused, choosing experiences and services that add real value to your customer’s experience while driving improvements to your bottom line. We create the entire journeys with you or get started by focusing on critical services and first steps.

  • Step Change in Performance & Profitability | Post-pandemic customers’ changing habits make it necessary to optimise both the online and physical store network with ‘quantum leap’ performance measures. Moving the needle in KPI performance in quantitive measures like driving traffic, conversion and UPT or through qualitative areas like Sales Enablement, ATV, Customer Loyalty growth and Registration can be the game changers.  Our Retail Health Check offers both transparency and dynamic solutions.

  • Retail & Store Operations | Delivering the next generation of ‘retail operating models’ where performance, people and process meet digital transformation.

What We Deliver

  • Thorough understanding of customers
  • Clear customer-centric and actionable strategy
  • Performance-driven and profitable solutions
  • Transparency in decision-making through a scientific and data-driven approach
  • Corporate expertise in successfully creating and delivering brand and commercial strategies
  • Efficient business processes that follow customer and retail teams’ needs
  • Strong spirit of involvement and collaboration across entire organization​
  • Optimized human and financial resources
  • Clear and measurable targets to track progress towards strategic vision

Our Publications

If you would like to know more about our services around Retail Excellence, please contact:

Mark Rouse

Principal Consultant