Supercharge your customer experience and maximize profitability with retail excellence. Set a course for the future of your retail business to ensure long-term success and profitability.

What We Do

Online retail growth has accelerated during the pandemic, but the high street is far from dead. Forced behavioural changes have driven the adoption of technology by more consumers. We work with you to understand your challenges and then apply detailed analytics to identify the right solutions for your business.

Retailers must have a clear strategy, optimized efficiency and, above all, provide an experience that cannot be found elsewhere, driving consumer traffic to their stores.

Our retail team can offer you comprehensive advice from their extensive experience of managing the retail chains of international brands.

Challenges We Address

  • Store performance  |  Stores are unperforming, while there are too many stores within the store fleet for future strategy. Optimization of the footprint needed. 
  • Revenue  |  Declining margins in all direct-to-consumer channels.
  • Product range  |  Range is not delivering the expected sales, margins, and efficiencies.
  • Pricing  |  Price structure of the range is cost-price-driven and not reflecting perceived value for consumers.


What We Deliver

  • A unique, meaningful, and exciting in-store consumer experience
  • A seamlessly-connected cross-channel brand experience
  • Maximized value from investments in leasing and staff
  • Thorough understanding of range performance and improvement opportunities
  • Customer-centric range architecture
  • Value-based pricing architecture which is clear to customers
  • Effective range and distribution segmentation that optimizes choice and protects the brand
  • Optimized costs and efficiencies
  • Increased full-price sales and margins
  • Engaged and knowledgeable store staff
  • Efficient business processes that follow customer needs
  • Collaborative approach based on actual business needs, not theory
  • Clear and measurable targets to track progress 

Our Publications

If you would like to know more about our services around Retail Excellence, please contact:

Mark Rouse

Principal Consultant

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Principal Consultant