Understanding what motivates customers to enter stores, dwell and engage, and ultimately buy is our core competence.
Our perspective to innovate is always from the eyes of the customer - to create an engaging and integrated customer journey - through visual, digital, spatial and communicative expression.

What We Do

The development of be-spoke and creative solutions for an inspiring offline and online customer experience in stores is our key strength. Coming from the corporate side we understand clients as well as customer needs.

Together with our clients we are enhancing the customer journey by adding more value and impact to product presentation, brand awareness and customer convenience.

Our team of competent specialist in digital, sustainability, operational excellence as well as design delivers customized solutions to ensure the next level brand experience. Together with you we develop the best-in-class design concepts - driven by aesthetic and function.

Challenges We Address

  • Brand Codes | Clear review and optimization of traditional brand codes to allow breaking free and refresh the brand perception.
  • High Performance Retail Concepts | The customer journey needs to be visually and functionally underlined by the right application of space planning (FoH & BoH), product display, digital as well as a complementary design and lighting.
  • Sustainable Store & Window Concepts | Clear understanding and review of sustainable, seasonal and time-stable designs elements incl. integration of digital components to reduce waste and act sustainable - while parallel ensuring required level of newness.
  • Customer Traffic | Creating points of experience and ensure a clear understanding of relevant traffic drivers to enhance customer engagement.
  • Community Building | Customers want to be part of a community sharing the same passion and values. Stores are making room for spontaneous experience and social community sharing​.
  • Reduced demand for retail real estate |  Retail store fleets are being restructured, away from ​standard stores templates to individual, personalized stores tapping into local community needs. Definition of optimized store portfolio.


What We Deliver

  • Long-term experienced specialist in Retail Design – coming from the the corporate side.

  • Thorough understanding of consumers and clients – from organizational as well as operational side.

  • Be-spoke, authentic and creative solutions for an inspiring offline and online customer experience – according to your defined purpose.



  • Best-in-class Retail Design concepts developments - driven by aesthetic and function from 1st Draft to ”ready to roll-out” (Store, Shop, Outlet, Pop ups etc)

  • Layout planning guidelines & tools for scalability and consistency

  • Next level Window Design & VM Concepts

  • Space & Layout Planning services as well as Construction Management

Our Publications

If you would like to know more about our services around Retail Design, please contact:

Hermine Matzer van Bloois

Chief Commercial Officer

Maren Straubinger

Principal Consultant