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Digital Retail: Impress at the front stage

Digital Retail requires a solid foundation and the ability to orchestrate

Shop window from the outside.

Who hasn´t experienced it. You walk into a retail store and see black screens, error messages, the same old content that has been running for months and card payments are not possible today. Even if there´s rapid innovation and developments, technology is still error-prone and quickly leads to frustration. For customers, but also for staff – although they´ve grown up empowered by exactly these technologies. Today's challenge is to minimize the risk of failure and to establish appropriate, fast processes to solve problems. To accomplish this and to impress at the front stage in Retail requires a solid foundation and the ability to orchestrate customer experience, people, processes, technology & architecture. We´ve identified four crucial building blocks to succeed:

Sports store from the inside.

Procurement Reduce digital procurement costs by setting up contractual frameworks and benchmarks, enabling leasing options and negotiating enterprise licences. Orchestration & Process alignment Holistic alignment of controlled rollout processes and interfaces to achieve consistency and quality in the delivery of digital campaigns into stores. Global orchestration through centralized or hybrid installation, content management and service procedures. Standardization & Scalability Specify business requirements to standardize setups while considering format and size of stores or concepts to evaluate the right number of digital touchpoints. Leverage Profit & Loss calculations for fact-based decision making. Organizational Onboarding Make digital tool rollout seamless and fast by leveraging existing systems for physical elements in store development and rollout processes. Setup the required guidelines to allow in-time scheduling and local adaption of content such as translations. With the right foundation, you´ll be able to test and validate new ideas, technologies or solutions at incredible pace and be at the forefront of retail experience. In the coming weeks, we´ll introduce a few technologies, trends and solutions that have become relevant to attract consumers and bear plenty of opportunities for Retail.

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