Consumer-Centric Transformation

The most certain way to futureproof your organization is to be centred on the needs & habits of your consumer.  There are countless cautionary tales of the demise of once successful brands & organizations who lost their way by being internally focused on their own products & services rather than the meaning & relevance of their place in the lives of consumers.

Transformation can seem risky, as by definition it requires doing things in new ways that make the old ways obsolete.  However, the biggest risk is to continue doing the same things whilst hoping for consistent or even improved results.


Our services include:

Consumer Journey Analysis & Design

Delivering a great consumer experience requires a deep understanding of the consumer journey & all of the interactions they have with your brand.


Define your strategy based on a future vision for your organization & be led by consumer insights. 
Articulate & communicate the strategy throughout the organization, ensure it is actionable, gives focus & prioritizes areas of growth.

Omnichannel Strategy & Planning

Ensure that all consumer facing activities are perfectly orchestrated across all channels & geographies. Build plans collaboratively around a shared view of the desired consumer experience using the expertise of all involved parties to maximum impact. 

Process Optimization

Start with the desired consumer experience & work backwards to define products & services, internal processes, tasks & timelines.  Consider what drives the greatest value to the consumer & to the business & eliminate unnecessary work.

Process Automation

Replace time consuming manual work with bespoke automized processes created for the unique needs of your organization, ensuring efficiency & consistency whilst freeing up time for your team to focus on tasks that create real value for the consumer.

Organizational Structure

Build a balanced organization around realizing your strategy.  Build working relationships across functions ensuring that everyone understands their specific role in the context of the entire process.  Establish lean, agile, cross-functional teams that are focused on delivering the same vision of the consumer experience. Focus resources & talent in the areas that drive consumer value & form a clear view of required future skills, capabilities and profiles. 


Follow a consumer centric & zero-based budget strategy, ensuring that investments are aligned with strategic priorities & future growth opportunities.  Create a balance of investments in pre-purchase advertising & the post purchase usage experience.

Measurement of Success

Implement a healthy balance to the critical nature of short term financial targets & the importance of longer term brand health metrics that are aligned with the strategic vision.  Ensure that targets are clearly defined, shared across the organization & are broken down to show every employee how their role contributes to achieving the strategic vision.



Thorough understanding of consumers.
Clear consumer-centric & actionable strategy.
Seamless consumer experiences across all touchpoints & at the most relevant moments. 
Holistic omni-channel plan with clear campaign hierarchy, timing & structured budget guidelines.
Efficient business processes that follow consumer needs.
Strong spirit of involvement & collaboration across entire organization.
Focused investments to support strategy.
Optimized human & financial resources. 
Clear & measurable targets to track progress towards strategic vision.

If you would like to know more about our transformation services please contact:
Stephen Pierpoint

Principal Consultant