Retail Strategy & Operations

The high street is far from dead, but it is undoubtedly changing.  Physical retail was already under pressure before the Covid-19 pandemic arrived & the global retail shutdown in response to the virus has brought ongoing challenges to a sharp focus.

Forced behavioural changes have accelerated the trend that has seen more (& older) consumers embrace technology & become comfortable & proficient at buying online.  

As retailers begin to reopen they must maximize the value of expensive leases & staff costs through a clear strategy, optimized efficiency & above all, the offer of an experience that cannot be found elsewhere, driving consumer traffic to their stores.

Our retail team can offer you comprehensive advice from their extensive experience of managing the retail chains of international brands.

Our services include:

Consumer-centric Strategy

Form a strategy based on a clear understanding of your consumer. This is essential to driving value, loyalty & differentiating against the competition.

Omnichannel Strategy

Integrate physical & digital worlds to ensure frictionless interaction & commerce across channels, delivering a seamless consumer experience.

Strategic Business Models

Review current & future desired business models, increasing opportunities across the retail landscape (virtual, community & physical) & optimizing investments.

Store Portfolio Strategy

Establish a clear plan for investment/divestment of store portfolio.

Store Layout

Design the right layout of a store for optimal consumer experience, service & conversion.


Optimize merchandising planning & execution utilising advanced analytics. Determine the right range size to provide the ideal level of choice for consumers.


Structure consumer-centric pricing based on perceived value & review tactical use of promotions.

Consumer Service

Ensure that consumers experience the best-posibble service in-store & online to increase loyality & revenue.

Cost Management

Comprehensive review of existing cost structures to maximize their value.

Process Optimization

Ensure that store processes are clearly defined so that back-office functions & sales floor operations are optimally executed.

Process Automation

Determine which processes can/should be automated using digital technology to improve both store efficiency & consumer experience.

Workforce Optimization

Schedule your workforce to optimize staff at peak hours & ensure they remain at their productive best.

Operational Excellence In-Store

Create targets & processes for stock turns & inventory management.

Digital In-Store Experience

See our section on Digital In-Store Experiences.



A unique & meaningful in-store consumer experience.
A seamlessly connected omni-channel brand experience.
Maximize value from investments in leasing & staff.
Optimized costs & efficiency.
Increased sales.
Engaged store staff.

If you would like to know more about our Retail Strategy & Operations services please contact:
Karen Feldpausch-Sturm

Principal Consultant

Mark Rouse

Principal Consultant