Product Innovation Lab

Our Product Innovation Lab provides services that are based on a  digitally enabled virtual product creation engine & business development platform.  By uniquely combining innovation, design, development, marketing, finance & strategy to help brands, from start-ups to scale-ups  & established brands, to develop their ideas, products  & businesses.

We bring product ideas to life quickly, virtually & inexpensively.

With product innovation hubs in downtown Portland OR, U.S.A., & Taipei, Taiwan, we are placed at the heart of product creation, innovation & production for sportswear, footwear, apparel & fashion. 


Our product Innovation services include:


Validate your ideas using inkubate, define your unique selling points & complete a patent search.


Create innovation, high quality virtual & real samples &  products that consumers will love


Bring your products to market effectively & efficiently & delight the consumer


Engage with your consumers beyond the point of sales to enable new value streams


Build environmentally conscious & responsible products


Develop a deeper understanding of your consumers & market

Material Services

Liason between Asian based material vendors & sporting goods brands

From early stage start-ups to scale-ups & established brands, we offer an end to end virtual & in personal product &  business development platform & service.



Product ideas brought to life, quickly, virtually & inexpensively
Discover cutting edge technical & sustainable materials
Gain a deeper understanding of your consumer, market & competition
Build your business not just your product

If you would like to know more about our product innovation lab please contact:
Antonio Zea

Group Innovation Lead

Renold Lee

Principal Consultant