Digital In-Store Experiences

For your consumer, a trip to your brand’s physical store must be enjoyable, meaningful & a seamless extension of your brand’s digital presence whilst offering an experience that can only be found by visiting the store.

For your brand a physical store enhanced with digital experiences can serve your consumers in a way that is unique, exciting & combines all the benefits of the analogue & digital world. 

We take a holistic & consumer-centric approach to digitizing your physical stores to enhance the consumer experience & drive sales. From concept to completion we offer an end-to-end service that guides you through the entire process of bringing a modern store experience to life.


Our services include:

Consumer Journey Design

Map the consumer journey to identify relevant touchpoints that can be digitally enhanced.

​Trend & Technology Scouting

Detailed reports on the very latest innovations.


Identify the most relevant & meaningful experiences for your consumer to help drive sales.

Store Assessment

Assess practicalities, evaluate options to leverage existing systems or necessity for change.


Explore connections to e-commerce, social media, apps & other brand activity.


Identify opportunities for operational excellence & improved service.

Procurement, Vendor & Contract Management

Manage tenders & negotiate frame contracts enabling performance, quality & scale at affordable prices.

Quality Management

Manage stakeholders to deliver against plan. Any deviation is immeditately investigated & communicated.

Staff Training

Operational & maintenance procedures.

Content Management

Framework & templates for briefs to digital content providers.

Project & Budget Management

Comprehensive project management ensuring that milestones & budgets are met.



An enhanced, memorable in-store experience that consumers will recommend.
A seamlessly connected omni-channel brand experience.
Increased sales.
Engaged store staff.

If you would like to know more about our digital in-store experience services please contact:
Christian Blümlein

Group CEO

Frederik Maier

Managing Consultant