Virtual Spaces

Creating personalized digital experiences.

What We Do

The next frontier for retail is the elusive & unforgettable online retail experience.

As technology evolves so do the opportunities to personalize the digital brand experience we offer our consumers. The new “normal” is constantly being redefined and impacts online-user behavior.

VR/XR is mixed reality with real interaction and real emotions. It allows us to combine a digital brand campaign to a retail experience.

From HomePage to HomeWorld – a place to merge in new channels, explore the brand and products, to buy and be part of the brand community.

Challenges We Address

  • High service expectations  |  Consumers are accustomed to a high standard of service in stores. The emphasis therefore should be on creating a personalized digital experience of the same quality.
  • Changing user behaviour  |  User behaviour is changing, both online and offline. The question becomes why and how is technology playing such a big role in people's lives.
  • Growing digital evolvement  |  It is important as a brand to offer curated product presentations and guided consumser journeys to create an unforgettable retail experience and a strong relationship with the brand.

What We Deliver

  • Achieve a deeper consumer - brand engagement as key driver of retail performance.

  • Building a bridge between social-media and digital retail on a platform owned by the brand.

  • Accessible from any digital device, anywhere in the world, without the need for a head-set.  Used with a head-set delivers a further enhanced “fully-immersive” VR experience

  • The virtual tools can be accessed directly or from the website or from social-media posts.

  • Guided store/ showroom presentations as well as giving consumers the opportunity to review collections by themselves.

  • Using existing digital product prototypes and product photography.

  • Additional live-streaming tools allow the sales teams to communicate professionally with customers directly from their showrooms/stores.

  • Design and technical solutions are layered onto clients existing order software or e-com store.

  • Less dependency on physical showroom visits and less quantity of physical product samples needed.  

  • Cost scalability given the global reach of the tools.

Our Publications

If you would like to know more about our services around Virtual Spaces please contact:

Hermine Matzer van Bloois

Chief Commercial Officer