Project & Portfolio Management

Making sure what needs to be delivered, gets delivered right - efficiently & effectively.

What We Do

We help our clients to regain control over programs or projects out of control, 3rd party service quality and performance, as well as internal maturity and efficiency.

We have the people, skills, experience, knowledge, methodologies, approaches, templates, accelerators, and tools​ that enable us to deliver any kind of service content in a way that creates highest possible value to our clients.

We apply best practices and frameworks like agile, scrum, devops, itil, prince, pmi, msp, cmmi, and more.

Challenges We Address

  • Running project - out of control  |  Unclear scope, over-spending, exceeding timelines, frustrating stakeholders, under-delivering.
  • Audit preparation  |  There is a need to improve your own ins and outs before your customer takes the initiative to audit your services.
  • Complex project ahead  |  Daunting challenge ahead – and no internal ability or capacity to master the challenge.
  • Outsourcing gone bad  |  Large or complex outsourcing initiatives that are off track and need outside-in perspective and help to get back on track.

What We Deliver

  • We put you back in control of your project portfolio, in sync with your business mission, vision and strategy.
  • We deliver breakthrough progress and transparency in your mission critical programs and projects, always with your expected business outcomes in mind as our "North Star“.
  • We facilitate creation of tangible roadmaps to explore unchartered territory, with our workshopping and business capability heatmapping approaches.
  • We provide you with transparency on the quality of your services towards your customers, or your customers services towards you.

If you would like to know more about our services around Delivery & Turnaround Management, please contact:

Mark Rouse

Principal Consultant