Enterprise Architecture

Becoming user-centric, while creating experiences & ecosystems, not silos.

What We Do

We combine the powers of design and architecture to help build companies that are user-centric, tech-enabled and that create ecosystems – not silos.

We apply a design-driven approach to describing and framing business models, IT landscapes, products and services, typically taking a distinctly customer-centric view.

We believe Enterprise Architecture has the potential to fundamentally transform enterprise architecture as it is currently practiced.

Challenges We Address

  • Misalignment of IT and business  |  We harmonize and align the business and IT strategy to work hand-in-hand for optimized results.
  • Out-of-date business capability portfolio  |  We map and innovate your business capabilities portfolio.
  • Inefficient IT landscape  |  We analyze and rationalize your IT infrastructure, driving cost efficiency and agility.
  • Lack of value-adding IT  |  We deliver IT value enablement for your organization.

What We Deliver

  • Aligned IT and business strategy.
  • Value-adding IT landscape, driving cost efficiency and agility and removing internal friction.
  • Innovative business capability portflolio.
  • Optimized and effective enterprise architecture.

Our Publications

If you would like to know more about our services around Enterprise Architecture, please contact:

Niek de Visscher

Benelux CEO