A holistic view of the physical & digital work environment, planned around people as users, ensures higher employee satisfaction & increases productivity.

What We Do

Employees nowadays expect digital interaction.

Our perspective is always from the eyes of the consumer, in this case the employees. By connecting the physical and digital world we create engaging journeys and unique digital experiences for them, making best use of your given space.

To do this we respect and take into consideration trends like the anywhere ecosystem of work, mobile-first mentality, experience over things, fast technological development, as well as sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Our Approach | Digital Architects

We take a holistic and consumer-centric approach and offer an end-to-end service to enhance your employee experience, bringing a modern, innovative journey to life.

We are independent experts who take care of everything required to bring the optimum consumer journey for workplaces.

Challenges We Address

  • New work  |  Companies are rethinking their physical workspaces and their working culture. Technology must be a seamless plug and play experience, not a burden.
  • Speed   With today´s rapid pace of the work environment, employees increasingly need to collaborate more effectively to get their jobs done.


Flexibility means, employees want the best of both worlds:

  • 70% of workers still want flexible anywhere working options
  • 67% want more face-to-face time with their teams.


I have a theory: If you love your workplace, you'll love your work a little more.

- Cynthia Rowley

What We Deliver

  • By integrating physical and digital touchpoints into a holistic journey, we help you create a seamless experience for the employees.
  • We support the creation of value-adding digital services  and tools for your workforce.
  • Improving the holistic experience leads to higher employee and visitor satisfaction.
  • A work environment that includes and supports workspaces, collaboration, apps & systems, and learning & welll-being. 
  • Exciting environments with seamless, plug and play digital solutions.

Our Publications

If you would like to know more about our services around Digital Workplace, please contact:

Benjamin Sich

Practice Lead Digital Workplace