Digital Marketing
& Experience

Consumer interaction and experience to realize your business objectives.

What We Do

The most certain way to futureproof your organization is to be centered on the needs & habits of your consumer. There are countless cautionary tales of the demise of once successful brands & organizations who lost their way by being internally focused on their own products & services rather than the meaning & relevance of their place in the lives of consumers.​

We use a systematic approach to derive, define and drive marketing.
We focus on output and keeping grounded in making things happen.
We are a partner and catalyst for debate.

We use art & science to spark business innovation, create momentum and ignite consumer engagement. Most of all we're problem solvers. We thrive on so-called insurmountable challenges, build paths in the face of uncertainty and bring clarity to chaos.

We define your key audience, translate the audience needs and business priorities into tangible channel and touchpoint design principles.  This sets the prioritization for our activities, regardless if they are web, retail, CRM, or APP based.  We always start with the consumer and work our way back.​

What We Deliver

  • Thorough understanding of consumers.​
  • Clear consumer-centric & actionable strategy.​
  • Seamless consumer experiences across all touchpoints & at the most relevant moments. ​
  • Holistic omni-channel plan with clear campaign hierarchy, timing & structured budget guidelines.​
  • Efficient business processes that follow consumer needs.
  • Consumer Experience journeys and digital design.
  • Strong spirit of involvement & collaboration across entire organization.​
  • Focused investments to support strategy.​
  • Optimized human & financial resources. ​
  • Clear & measurable targets to track progress towards strategic vision.​

Our Publications

If you would like to know more about our services around Digital Marketing & Experience, please contact:

Christian Blümlein

Group CEO