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Enabling effective and smart planning and decision making for the digital future.

What We Do

Strategic Management guides you of what to do when, putting the control where it needs to be: in your hands.

To make this happen, you are provided with an immersive and interconnected framework built from a set of world-leading tools. Some of which you are very likely using already, which means no reinvention of the wheel. This completed framework gives you unprecedented transparency, insight and control over your business opportunities and risks. With it you are enabled to connect all the dots, down to the concrete steps you need to grow, to evolve, and to transform.

This approach reflects how Digital Innovation AG is working hands-on with leaders and teams of leading global brands, as well as typical small and medium businesses.

Challenges We Address

  • Gap between Strategy and Execution |  Mission Control addresses the gap between strategy and execution by providing a framework will guide you to identifying the correct challenges to take on, and deal with appropriately.
  • Gap between Business and IT  |  Information are only of value when the data is meaningful and can positively influence decision-making. By having all necessary information at hand in one place, making decisions becomes more deliberate.
  • Anti-agile, reactive vs. pro-active  |  We offer a tool that is agile - new information are placed, understood, decided, and acted upon.

The Visible Mission

The Visible Mission guides you to create a mission control center for your organization.

It brings together some of the best business tools available, in a single place.

It is a very practical and pragmatic approach that can be used by organizations of any stripe.

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Get our free toolkit to start using our mission control framework. Check out the book for a detailed explanation.

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How We Do it Differently

At Digital Innovation AG, we make a Copernican Shift: enabling you to lead with your vision, and not blindly proposing the latest technology “solution”.

Our approach is pragmatic, and focused on outcomes rather than promises, which includes the alignment of business and technology implementation and operations.

We provide solutions for the near- and medium term, without sacrificing the development of a foundation that offers flexibility and agility.

What We Deliver


  • Goal Definition  - Clear, realistic, measurable goals that will help you and your team to rally around it, and to work deliberately to make it happen.

  • Business Model Management - What business model do you need to achieve your goals?

  • Transformation Analysis - Identify value streams and key business capabilities (using business modelling), prioritisation (using business strategies) and analysis (evaluating comprehensive maturity of people, process, technology, information, and cost) of the value streams and capabilities in order to define transformational projects (integration and standardisation) and roadmaps.

  • Business Strategy Management - Develop a coherent set of strategies to achieve goals, develop capabilities, with the right business model.

  • Emerging Future Assessment - Evaluate your key capabilities in context of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental trends. This allows leaders to take a deliberate look at what is changing, and what the threats, risks, and opportunities are.

  • Roadmaps and Projects - Define a roadmap based on the business model, customer goals, and organization development requirements. This roadmap with its realising projects makes up the comprehensive plan to achieve business goals, while the critical capability development goals are also addressed when and where needed.

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