Creating a holistic & seamless journey by effectively enriching the physical journey with digital touchpoints.

What We Do

Whether in stores, showrooms, at events or any other space – consumers nowadays expect digital interaction.

Our perspective is always from the eyes of the consumer. By connecting the physical and digital world we create engaging journeys and unique digital experiences for them, making best use of your given space.

To do this we respect and take into consideration trends like the mobile-first mentality, experience over things, fast technological development, as well as sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Our Approach | Digital Architects

We take a holistic and consumer-centric approach and offer an end-to-end service to enhance your customer experience, bringing a modern, innovative journey to life.

We are independent experts who take care of everything required to bring the optimum consumer journey to life - in retail, showrooms and hospitality.

We manage Digital Retail like Architects.

Challenges We Address


  • Omni-channel  |  Stores must offer experiences that are connected to the online world.
  • Experience as value driver  |  Transform commercially driven stores into experiential stores and enhance existing spaces with purposeful digital solutions.


  • Digital samples |  Digital product creation is disrupting traditional methods of product sales as we start to see more efficient creation and a reduction in physical sales samples.
  • Digital Selling |  The pandemic has not only accelerated the need for digital selling in B2C, but also B2B. Brands need to rethink how to showcase and sell their products.


  • Contactless services  |  In a post-pandemic world, services must be accessible anywhere, anytime without losing the warm, human welcome of a stay– creating fear free enjoyable environments.
  • Smart & sustainable  |  Reducing carbon footprint while offering best service to guests is increasingly important and a key selling point for the younger generation.

What We Deliver

  • By integrating physical and digital touchpoints into a holistic journey, we help you create a seamless experience.
  • We support the creation of value-adding digital services for your customers.
  • Improving the holistic experience leads to higher customer, employee or visitor satisfaction.
  • Value-creating digital touchpoints increase traffic and conversion in your stores.
  • Exciting environments with seamless, plug and play digital solutions.

Our Publications

If you would like to know more about our services around Digital Retail please contact:

Frederik Maier

Managing Consultant