Digital Retail Strategy

For a global sports brand.

We were asked by a global sports brand to support with the development of a new digital strategy for brick-and-mortar retail. This included the review of the existing strategy, a stakeholder workshop to discuss current trends and developments based on previous strategic directions and define a framework, which sets the guardrails for future strategic initiatives.

Our Approach

We prepared a stakeholder workshop for retail innovation by collecting and processing current retail trends and developments as baseline for discussion. The workshop was used to discuss ideas and review the previous strategic guidelines, and to define guardrails for all future retail iniatives. 

We have introduced a strategic framework for the analysis and definition of the as-is and to-be state of digital retail within the organization. This included a gap analysis to identify needed actions, which then defines the roadmap for the new digital retail strategy.

  • Stakeholder workshop to discuss current retail trends and global developments  and to align on needed guardrails for future initiatives.
  • Introduction of a strategic framework for all future strategy developments, including the as-is analysis of the current retail and IT landscape, processes and business enablers, as well as the definition of a future vision and a gap anaylsis to define needed initiatives and programs.
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