PLM Optimization

For an international high-quality fashion brand.

A PLM solution was picked and needed to be implemented in a strict timeline of 6 months to ensure the development of the collection in time. Parallelly the product development process needed to be documented.



The existing PLM solution had performance issues which jeopardized the successful in time development of the collection and needed to be replaced by a new PLM system.


Our role
  • Analysis based on the existing PLM system to define the requirements
  • Process Workshops to define the To Be Process
  • Setup of the system with the help of a small expert team and continuous alignment with the key user team
  • Implementation of the PLM system with a clear key user structure and support of the expert


  • Documentation of the product development process
  • PLM system that reflects the process and supports the way of working
  • A future ready PLM solution that can be developed further to meet the needs of changing market situations


If you would like to find out more, please contact:

Stephanie Eibich

Managing Consultant