Global enterprise architecture setup & rollout

For a global chemical company.

We were asked by a global player in the chemical industry to setup and implement a professional enterprise architecture function across the global organization.

Our Approach

We have helped the global CIO to adopt a centralized enterprise architecture function including people, process, governance, and tools across the global organization.

We have helped to improve the existing portfolio management and the supply – demand processes by adding the architecture lens and roles to the way of working.

In addition, we have provided clear architectural guidance, technological vision and strategy for specific initiatives and light house projects (manufacturing IOT, customer experience / portal, BI) to expedite architecture success and uptake.

  • Centralized enterprise architecture function (people, process, governance, tools).
  • Improved portfolio management and internal processes.
  • Architectural guidance, technological vision and strategy for specific initiatives and light house projects.
If you would like to know more about our services around Enterprise Architecture, please contact:

Niek de Visscher

Benelux CEO