Shop Tracking System Implementation

ForĀ a big german football club


Flagship store of a big german football club aimed to elevate their customer experience by understanding and responding to their customers' in store behavior in real time. To achieve this, they sought to implement a tracking system that could evaluate customer movements and assess the impact of specific store activations.


Our role was to conceptualize, plan, tender, and supervise the implementation of a robust real time tracking system within the client's store.

Our Approach

We began by understanding the specific needs of our client and identifying the key areas that the tracking system should cover. Following the ideation process, we planned the system, identifying suitable technologies, and laying out the process for its integration within the store.

After completing the planning stage, we managed the tendering process, selecting the right vendors for the implementation. We supervised the system's installation, ensuring it was seamlessly integrated into the store environment and met the defined objectives.


The implementation of a sophisticated tracking system provided store staff with real time data on customer movements. This technology enables the team to measure the impact of various store activations by monitoring changes in customer behavior, thereby helping to optimize the store layout, product placement, and promotional events. The tracking system's real time insights allow for prompt adjustments, leading to an enhanced customer experience and potentially increased sales.

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