Best practice workshop

For one of the leading real estate companies in Europe.

Provide market best practices to inspire the vision of a shopping mall in 2030. Create an overall digital concept with a focus on the info point and how technology and future services can transform this go-to area into a hybrid service space. 



Seeing changes in consumer behaviour and frequency in shopping malls, the client kicked of a project to create a physical and digital concept for the vision of a shopping mall in 2030. This should enable them to properly plan and cost out required actions to meet changing demand and stay attractive in a competitive landscape.  


Our role

Consult on digital possibilities and inspire with best practices around how to apply technology in a customer centric way. 



The team has brainstormed on application of current and futuristic technologies, and identified services and the service point as a key differentiator along the journey. Based on these insights the team create a digital concept that includes: 

  • Touchpoint description with respective technology requirements 
  • Added value along the customer journey 
  • Technical dependency map 
  • Considerations around current processes and responsibilities 
  • Business Case draft as a decision scenario 
If you would like to find out more, please contact:

Frederik Maier

Managing Consultant