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Why our employees love working at Digital Innovation

"I really enjoy the team dynamic. We have a great mixture of talents, experiences and personalities and despite mostly working remotely I know I can count on my teammates for support whenever I need it."

Mark Rouse
Principal Consultant

"I have learned so much in my years at DI - working on amazing projects with brilliant colleagues in a multinational environment. I love the challenges and opportunities that I’m able to tackle here.  Yes, we work hard, but more importantly, we have fun and love what we do."

Xiangjie Lu
Managing Consultant

"At DI you have the flexibility to work regardless of time and place - what counts is the delivery on time & quality. Especially with a young family this helps to maintain the right balance between work and family, which for me is key to perform."

Benjamin Weis
Senior Business Consultant

Digital Innovation companies

We use digital automation to create operational flow, human-centric experiences, and platform-based interactions underpinned by scalable, interoperable, and secure IT.

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