People Drive Digital

Introducing the Digital Innovation Competence Centers

In a series of posts, we would like to take you on a journey and explain to you the very different facets of digital while we map our areas of expertise, introduce our experts and elaborate on current challenges and industry developments.

Even while rising technologies and business models are disrupting whole industries – in the end, it is still people who drive digital.

There is no magical formular of how to enable digital – it is about context and adoption – no matter which area.

Within the next couple of weeks and months we will publish several articles, blog posts and other formats of content on how digital can be a true enabler. We will focus on our areas of expertise, explain our current service offerings, dive deep into potential challenges you might encounter along the journey and elaborate on our approach to solving them.


Our post series will include all our centers of competence:


Digital Spaces

How do you use digital solutions to enhance any kind of experience within a given space? We explain why Retail & Workplace needs to be more than what can be done from home online. We show you what it takes to use digital as enabler for a consistent and seamless journey along all brand touchpoints.

Part 1: Why Digital?

Part 2: Defining Digital Retail

Part 3: Approaching Digital Spaces

Part 4: Designing Digital Spaces

Part 5: Impementing Digital Spaces


Brand Experience Spaces

How do you effectively combine digital & physical for Retail? Consumers expect a continuous & connected experience between the offline & online worlds. Shopping the high street should be an enriching experience including sensory & added value that cannot be achieved online. Retailers need to combine both worlds for the best consumer experience possible. 


Virtual Spaces

How can companies use virtual stores, campaigns and showrooms to create a personalized digital experience? As technology evolves so do the opportunities to personalize the digital brand experience we offer our consumers. The new “normal” is constantly being redefined and impacts online-user behavior.


Enterprise Architecture

What do companies need as a foundation to become truly user-centric, tech-enabled and with holistic ecosystems – not silos? We  apply a design-driven approach to describing and framing business models, IT landscapes, products and services, typically taking a distinctly customer-centric view.


Digital Enablement

How do you make digital a key business enabler and not just another technology? This we will explain in a series of posts on how to truly enable digital from a business perspective.


Marketing Transformation

How do you build your strategy, processes & organization on the needs & wants of your consumer? This is the most certain way to futureproof your organization and we will help you understand how your business can become truly consumer-centric.


Retail Strategy & Operations

High street is far from dead and we will explain why. We map out how to set a course for the future of your retail business to ensure long-term success and profitability.


Delivery & Turnaround Management

How can you make sure what needs to be delivered, gets delivered right - efficiently & effectively? Our experts apply frameworks, best practices and tools to deliver any kind of service content in a way that creates highest possible value to any business. 


Product Innovation Lab

How do you bring a product idea to life? We combine innovation, design, development, marketing, finance and strategy to help brands, from start-ups to scale-ups  and established brands, to develop their ideas, products and businesses.​


We hope you will enjoy what we have to say and get in touch if you'd like to discuss any of our topics further - be it on certain trends or industry developments or if you're interested on how we can help your business grow, evolve or transform. 

Stay tuned!


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