One of the world's leading sports brands.
We are adidas’ global partner for digital instore experiences since 2013.

In recent years we have helped create their 3 newest brand flagship stores in New York (2016), Paris (2018) and London (2019).

We continue to work together in pioneering the next generation of digital instore experiences as well as in the roll out of the digital elements found at London Oxford Street across their global network of retail stores and  in managed spaces at wholesale partners.

Our Role

​We supported the Program Management of the entire end to end process for adidas including briefing, ideation, technology scouting and research, prototyping, vendor management, contract negotiation, installation planning and  supervision, IT integration planning and  management, staff training and maintenance programs.


Digitize the shopping experience at adidas high street stores creating omnichannel connections and new levels of service and consumer engagement.


adidas had already implemented multiple supply systems, data management programs and stand-alone digital initiatives. However, based on the ambition to be the best sports brand in the world, they wanted to connect all elements towards a holistic system landscape and improve the in-store consumer experience.


Installation of digital instore experiences in 252 stores in 104 cities in 42 countries in 5 years
London flagship delivered in 8 months from conceptual discussions to doors open.
Global Retail Sourcing Platform enabling easy local market orders of pre-defined digital experience packages according to store size and for 5 different store concepts.
Every project delivered on time and  within budget.

New York City, 5th Avenue

6x Digital Signage Touchpoints
5x Interactive Experiences
4x Customization Experiences

Paris, Champs Elyseé

21x Digital Signage Touchpoints
6x Interactive Experiences
4x Product Testing Experiences
2x Retro Flipdots
2x Mobile Touchpoints

London, Oxford Street

60x Digital Signage Touchpoints
24x Interactive Experiences
8x Mobile Touchpoints
6x Convenience Features
4x Product Testing Experiences
1x Retail Theatre

Today the adidas London Oxford Street Flagship Store is widely considered to be at the cutting edge of retail experiences, setting a new benchmark in the sporting goods industry.

adidas 2019 Annual Report:  “Our newest and ‘most digital’ adidas brand flagship store. With more than 100 digital touchpoints the store takes the shopping experience to the next level.  In addition, ‘adidas LDN’ is one of our biggest stores worldwide, setting new standards in terms of product presentation, offering and service.”

​Our Approach

We took part in a series of workshops with key stakeholders and gathered strategic insights and  consumer research to understand the status quo, the vision,and & the scope of the project.

We identified the right tools, equipment, services and implemented a business integration solutions partner who helped to source devices, pre-configure, install and offer service and support.

We helped define a global content management system design for digitally led content at the point of sale with a focus on  automatingdistribution, reducing manual effort and  repurposing existing content to better control costs. 

To prepare for global roll-out we tested systems and  configurations vigorously and piloted solutions to create an effective roll-out plan. We implemented a service model that not only guided the use and management of the devices but also served as a tool for new equipment and tools to be onboarded into an existing infrastructure that could grow and adapt over time. 

We guided and  dvised our client and other external partners throughout the implementation process  with a detailed plan that delivered on time and on budget. 

If you would like to find out more, please contact:

Frederik Maier

Managing Consultant